David L. Williams Sr. Rest your soul Dad​...



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Opening Act?

Feel free to Contact Us for​ Booking and Song donations anytime.  Your connection is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.                    

Back end

                   To add, David Gift is also good at creating new and innovative sounds, mobile photography, rhythms, lyrics, wardrobes, concepts and everything in between at the drop of a hat.


              Jesus Christ did this and made this whole movement possible! To GOD be the glory! Amen. So that's the focal point of all the creativity.                   

Our Staff

The goal of any musical artist should always be to make that one song that can change the world in a positive way. And performing on the greatest stages to do just that is the vision for Light Musick

Front end

                 Our artist David Gift is a true performer and crowd rocker.  Always getting the fans engaged and giving them exactly what they want- every time. 

Our Vision

Our Strength