First Ideas

From David

PLASTIC PISTOLS - Outlaw big gun purchases!

How about we invent an all plastic hand gun to replace all metal guns bought for personal protection?

Why plastic?  So that a self destruct melt-down trigger can be used to accompany the built-in G.P.S. locator, which would alert police every time that gun is reported being used improperly and/or dangerously/harmfully.


This would decrease crime involving shootings because less shots would be fired before cops hit the self destruct melt-down button.  Guns should only be used for personal protection and hunting purposes.  So, possession of anything other than a hand gun should be outlawed unless hunting during hunting seasons.  Think about it.




How about we invent a vending machine that sells natural, synthetic and wig hair?

No-brainer million dollar idea.  And yes we would incorporate samples to touch the feel and texture of each item.  Weave whenever you want it.


Weave Works!



FANTASTIC FRENCH TOAST - International Flavor

How about we invent a food chain that focuses on America's best breakfast food yet neglected as a focal point- French Toast?

The restaurant could have a sheek, techie, vibrant and crisply environmental decor with wifi, books, and our specialty of all natural fruit juices to join a nice gourmet breakfast, brunch, or dinner with your choice of syrup from all around the world to test your taste buds.


Fantastic French Toast- International Flavor! - Everything For Under A Dollar Sold Online

I was talking with my Mom and we were brain storming about what the internet was missing.  And it hit me.  There's not a 99 cent on line store out there yet.  It's a billion dollar idea that could help third world countries because literally everyone can afford something on this site!  

They already have Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, & Dollar General.  Why not have a store dedicated to this price point on line?

If you are interested in any of my ideas I have blue prints and business plans ready to partner up.