My War Story

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Homelessness, Social Services the United Way and HUD....

Being released from prison in Georgia is a funny nightmare.  That's only if you have a residence to parole out to that is, which they won't try too hard to find for you.  Since my Dad passed while I was in there- Rest In Peace Pop - I lost my housing option.  Which forced me to write churches and ask if they could help provide a place for me to live once released.  Thank GOD I got a couple replies.  At release I got a bus ticket, Department of Corrections identification card, my S.S. card and $20.00.  Yea, not exactly the essentials, which could at least be a Georgia identification card so I could get a job and cash a check from a job.  And a Marta card would've been nice.  But, I don't want to ask for too much.


So I'm out- fresh out.  I end up at a shelter in Covington, GA.  Best part, be it known to me, I didn't have to pay to be there for 90 days.  I was in the ReEntry Program and the Georgia Department of Corrections paid for it.  Great!  Because my own family in Georgia wouldn't even visit me.


Finding work was a job in itself.  But I did.


Next, I had to get back to the big city where more resources were.  I ended up at Peachtree & Pine- the worst shelter in Atlanta, GA first- then the world.  Traumatizing disgusting experience.  I spent one night there on my first day back in Atlanta. 


Next, Salvation Army here I come.  The best shelter downtown in Atlanta.  And surprisingly they had a ReEntry Program too.  Suppa cool.

Now I could move around, as my family would say.  The goals were Food Stamps, Drivers License, College Degree Copy and Transcript, Birth Certificate, Bank Account and a job.  The last two are near not gonna happen, with the current system of things.  Not with any ease surely.

Banks won't allow me a regular checking account.  Little do they know, while I was in prison, I became a victim of Identity theft.  Yea.

Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Is-ra-el, who only doeth wondrous things.

PSALM 72:18 King James Version

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