Spotlight loves birds! Released May 21, 2017 "I Just..." was the first music video directed and produced by David Gift as we promoted the release of the Fellowsoldier EP out now. Available in Apple MusicSpotifyGoogle PlayAmazonTidal and other digital music stores. 

"​Better" was performed at Martel Homes while touring in East Point, GA for a Block Party sponsored by CityReach Church Atlanta SouthWest. Video by Sarina Tidlund. This song is also on the Word Exchange Album. 


"David Gift is a man on a mission who really loves to reach people through his music. His long awaited debut Album Word Exchange is truly a force to be reckoned with. I love the versatility on how the lyrics flow. Word Exchange grabs your attention and gives you something we all can identify with that encourages and helps overcome life’s obstacles. David is anointed with the Talent and Gift that stands out in the time in which we live. For myself if I had to pick one song as my favorite, that would be a very difficult task because they all speak volumes. This is a must have album that you will keep at the top of your collection. I am now anticipating more from the heart and mind of David Gift, and you will be too. Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself and get your album today!" 
- Founder/CEO – David E. Maxwell, D.E.M. Beats Production

About the song "Truthside"
"It's got an awesome beat, lyrics flow right in with it.  The message is spot on, uplifting.  It's a great song."
- Patrick D.

Debut Album Reviews

"The Good Pass Young" is the second music video by David Gift produced by Patrick Foley at Hued Productions in Atlanta, GA.  This video was made to honor the late father of David Gift and David's late aunt, rest their souls. We utilized the black and white theme throughout, which had a very sentimental impact. This song is also on the Word Exchange Album.

"We Goin' Up" is the first music video by David Gift produced by The Great Wall Productions from Atlanta, GA.  It highlights local graffiti art from East Atlanta with some nice angles and visual effects.  This was also the first studio recording for and we were super excited for this release.  The song is from the Word Exchange Album.

This is a live performance of "I See YOU" by David Gift at the Ministry In Motion Birthday Jam Session in Dublin, GA June 10th 2017. "I See YOU" is out now on the Fellowsoldier EP.  Available in Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal and other digital music stores. Video by Jane.